Horseback Riding

We do a lot of horseback riding at La Reata Ranch, because there is nothing better to experience the cowboy way-of-life! Please keep in mind that there is no horseback riding offered on arrival or departure days.

After the famous and extensive La Reata Breakfast, it is time for everybody to saddle the horses! You will get a suitable horse to enjoy the time at La Reata. Then we take off for an exciting day ride to check the herd and to explorer the large ranch property.

Beginners are welcome to receive some basic western riding lessons to comfort any fear or hesitation with the first ride. Everyone interested will have the chance to learn how to handle the rope and work with cattle or try the first barrel race in our large outdoor arena.

All guests are welcome to participate in the seasonal cattle and ranch work. We have to check cows almost on a daily base and if necessary we have to move the herd or catch some calves to treat them.

While there is a lot to do every day, we do not forget to relax and have a good lunch break with coffee, beans and sausages cooked over an open fire (depending on pasture conditions). For most riders a snooze throughout the lunch break is almost a must. From time to time, throughout the summer month, we pack up the horses for an overnight trip and campout under the stars – a real cowboy dream far away from urban life.