Dear George,
We also say THANK YOU for a great time on your ranch. We enjoyed the stay, the hospitality, the food, the crew, the time in the saloon and of course the round up. A great week which again went over too quickly. We will be back :)
Alex & Mat(thias)
Dear George and Crew,
We were very excited as our holidays started. After a long journey we arrived on La Reata Ranch. You welcomed us so lovely and we felt very well in your ranch family. Thanks a lot for all the specials, funny and beautiful moments during our stay.
We loved our horses Bandit the devil, good looking Jackson and the blondy Hollywood, It was an amazing time and we will always remember of this holidays specially of our “flasks times”. We wish you all the best for your future and hope to see you again.
Jojo, Martini and Dr. D
Katherine, Martina and Jef
Dear George & ladies,
An amazing break that has restored so much in me! Including my belly! I leave here relaxed, happy and a little hangover. Brenda, your food is amazing and thank you for satisfying my inner fatty regularly. Caroline & Johanna – you left mid stay but thank you for being you. I enjoyed your company, you somehow managed to make me smile by talking, it was delightful. Svenja, thank you for the roping lessons, for cooking in Brenda’s absence and always being happy! I wish you well in your travels & hope we cross paths again. Simone, the rides were amazing so thank you for that. You have an inner beauty that is unique. Look after yourself, you are worth it. George, you have a great team sir! Your sense of humor appeals to me as it is so similar to mine. Your horses are beautiful, your ranch is too. A fantastic stay that has taught me to relax again.
Thank you all
xxx David
Dear George & Team,
Thanks for 3 amazing weeks at the ranch! It was an amazing experience. Hopefully I can come back once. The food was lovely and tasted just great. I hope the rest of you will have some great last weeks at the ranch and have a good start in a new chapter of life.
Love, Anke
Dear George & Team,
Thank you for the wonderful time at La Reata. We felt more members as guest. We enjoyed the rides and the beautiful landscape. You had a good team around you like last year. We’re looking forward to come back. Silja: Thanks for taking care of my allergies.
Silja, Andrea, Andrea
Dear La Reata Ranch:
Thank you for the nice stay! I really enjoyed it! The horses and the people were really nice and friendly. I’m looking forward to come back.
La Reata Ranch:
You can feel like a guest but also you can feel like a member of the La Reata Family. Here I lived the dream that I dreamed my whole life. We have to say thanks to Svenja, Simone, Caroline, Johanna and George the boss!
We enjoyed the food, horses and the nice landscapes. The cooking team made also a great job! So we would like to come back soon. Bandit my safety sweetheart – I’ll come back. So many thanks for all. We had a great, funny and amazing time with all of you!
Dirk & Sandra
Dear George, Brenda, Caroline, Johanna, Simone, Svenja,
Thank you all so much for the wonderful week at La Reata Ranch! We had a great time here and the week passed by way too fast. Being out there on these awesome horses was a lot of fun and Simone was a perfect guide. Thanks to Pistol + Sir Benson for carrying us around all day. The food was also delicious & we ate way too much. Now we are sad to leave but going with a lot of great memories (and photo’s) and looking forward to returning next year.
Ann-Caroline & Michael
I had a very good time. Take care of Kingston. I will think of him and you and cutting cows and smile. Thank you all, may you all be well and happy for many years to come. George - you were a pleasure to meet. Girls - lovely, funny, talented!
Love, Jim
George, girls
It means so much that you welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like family. Thank you for putting up with Jim, and all our silliness. Gunna miss/remember you all.
Ana Pearce
Dear George,
Thank you so much for another great stay at La Reata Ranch. I know that I have to cry again when I have to leave the ranch, because here is the most peaceful place I have ever seen in my life. A peaceful place where I can calm down, where I can forget all the daily stress around me, where the time stands still. As you know I love the ranch life here, the horses, the awesome rides and the fun in the saloon, So we will see us next year!
Huge hug,
Dear George, Brenda, Simone, Caroline, Johanna and Svenja,
Thank you so much for having us. We had an amazing time at this lovely place. The food was delicious and we met so many nice people. Special thanks to Simone for being the perfect riding guide. You were so patient, fun and caring
for the horses and us. Thank you so much for all the wonderful experiences and lovely memories, we take home with full heart and belly.
Love and all the best to you guys
Caroline & Sabrina
Dear La Reata Team,
We had an amazing time! We loved the ranch, horses, and everything about it! The people, new friendships, and hospitality were wonderful! Brenda and your team, the meals were appreciated! (Amy ate too much whip cream though). George, we loved your ranch! Look out we could come back. :)
Humboldt, SK
To everyone at La Rata,
Thank you for your hospitality. Special thanks for our first riding experience, the wonderful meals, the perfect birthday cake & the amazing time we had here. We wish you all the best.
Thomas, Simone & Anna
Dear George, Naemi, Simone, Caroline & Johanna!
Coming to La Reata Ranch always means coming home for us. The lovely people, the familiar environment & homely atmosphere is balsam for our souls. On the back of your beautiful horses we feel completely free, they are all good boys - we love them.
We want to thank all of you for making our time here soooo perfect, for the great trips with the horses, nice & funny evenings in the saloon, in White Bear & at the rodeo warm up. Also we want to thank Brenda & Sarah (& also the girls) for the great meals - we will leave with at least 5 kilos more :)
We wish you all the best - enjoy the rest of the summer!!
Olivia & Viki
Dear George and all staff members,
We stopped here at your ranch on our long way to Newfoundland and had a warm welcome. Thank you for your hospitality and amazing meals. We found time for good talks with nice people, for hikes, a rodeo and a rest. Now we continue our trip and wish you all the best. Happy trails! We liked it here very much.
Gudrun and Jurgen from Leipzig (Germany)
To Everyone at La Reata Ranch,
We've only stayed for a short time but you all made us feel at home straight away. Your ranch is a little piece of heaven and I'll always be grateful that we found it. We've loved every second and will be back one day I'm sure. Robert had his first gallop here and I will always remember the look on his face! Keep being awesome & thank you again!
Love Rachel & Robert (London, UK)
Dear Simone, Caroline, Johanna, Naemi, Sarah & George
Thank you for welcoming us, for cooking, for great horseback riding trips, for rodeo in Herbert and everything else! We came back and will come back!
Conni, Christoph, Pauline, Frederika
Thank you everyone for making our holiday a memorable one. You have all made us very welcome, and the food was great.
Thank you from Sue & Carys (Wales, UK)
Thanks for making my dream come true! Since my childhood I dreamed to come to a ranch. La Reata is such a peaceful place I really forgot about the outside world here! I wish my stay would have been longer, but you made it possible for me to go home completely chill. Thanks to Naemi, to learn me how to row by looking on the dock. Thanks to Caroline for the good company at the end of the table and for putting the saddle on the "way to high" Pistol. Thanks to Simone for the little "cattle drive" trough the fence and for bringing us home every day safely.Thanks to Johanna for brighten up my mood when my bag was lost. Will never forget how helpful you were!
Please thank White Bear from me for this really warm welcome! The BBQ and the burger wereamazingly good. Thanks to Brenda who cooked such amazing things, it was a pleasure to taste it all and I will really miss the food. Please hug her from me.
Now to George, thanks for letting us be part of your live. Thanks for making us feel home here from the first second on. Thanks for choosing "Pistol" for me, I love him! I learned a lot here and will really miss your silly jokes and your sunny personality George.
See you soon, I hope,
What an amazing adventure in only two days: horse riding, canoeing, snake seeing, swimming in the lake, chilling in the hot tube, playing pool, eating homemade food.. Yummy :), and most importantly meeting incredible people. Thanks for everything, we'll never forget.
Gernion's family and "the boyfriend" ;)
A very enjoyable magnificent place. I really like the family atmosphere and the beauty of all the horses! To see them in their own domain, the freedom of their wild nature and yet their tranquilly of being domestic allowing even beginner riders on them. The cautious and detail of the horses' equipment from your family staff shows important love to the horses and all the guests. The food was excellent and we always felt accepted in your extended family. I like the "push forward" of building a new "cook shack" after the fire. So sorry for your loss! Best of luck in the future for The Reata Ranch. Older people can still ride for six and one-half hours. A great memory.
Jane Penner



Dear George, Brenda, Naemi, Simone, Johanna and Caroline!

Thank you so much for the incredible time we had at the ranch. We had such a wonderful time and we'll miss you guys very much! What we loved most was the family atmosphere, that we all ate together and spent time together at all times.
George, you're an amazing host and even in times of the tornado (we even went barrel racing while the storm was approaching) or the fire, you managed to keep us all calm and feel safe. Brendali, your food has always been exceptionally delicious and we enjoyed every meal from breakfast over lunch and of course supper.
Your place is beautiful, the riding trips were awesome and at the end of the vacation we even managed to set up the saddles ourselves.Simone, you're the best teammate ever, we broke the curse ;)
Johanna and Caroline, watching the stars with you was magical, even though Whynie scared us to death. Naemi, we'll miss you, you chatter box "Eine Spende bitte".
We'll definitely come back!
Love, Juli & Buzz


Dear George, Elina, Kristin, Slim & Denise,

thanks a lot for that beautiful time here at La Reata. The whole trip, you gave us the feeling of being part of a family. We will always remember your kindness and happiness doing your job and of course Kristin´s wonderful meals and lunch packs. Everyone of you tried to fulfill our wishes at any time, always with a smile.

Another huge thank you goes to Elina for being so patient with me (Stephan) during our rides. Always giving me a god feeling and helping me to get better and better.

It was a great experience with nice guests as well, so that the evenings at the saloon were always good.

All the best to you all! See you next year.

Christine & Stephan 


Dear La Reata team,

thank you so much for the great stay. It was a perfect last week in Canada after six months. Thank you for the beautiful rides. Thank you for the delicious meals. Thank you for a lot of fun in the saloon, especially the Line Dance! I will miss the beautiful landscape, the peaceful place and the friendliness of the Canadians. Thank you!!! It was awesome to make holidays here.

I wish you all the best.



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