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Ranch History

George Gaber, owner/operator of La Reata Ranch has been introducing city folks to the ways of the cowpoke since the ranch's inception in 1996. In this time, George has entertained visitors from Europe and across North America .

Riding, roping, cowboy cookouts on the range, bonfires under the stars, the magnificent scenery, and the down-home hospitality of La Reata Ranch has left them all with memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

Some things may have changed down here at the ranch, but what always remain constant are the glorious sunrises, the spectacular sunsets, the feel of the wind on your face as you ride the open trails, and the peace of mind only a cowboy can enjoy.



La Reata Ranch,
Box 128, Kyle, Saskatchewan S0L 1T0 Canada
Ranch Residence: 1-306-500-


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